Expertise in Customs Affairs

Foreign Trade Consulting Customs Clearance Arrangement Commercial Intermediary

Export-import company

We arrange a proper customs clearance of cargo in the South of Russia: in Rostov, Taganrog, Krasnodar, Millerovo, Novorossiysk and Astrakhan Customs Houses, and any other regions all over the country. We have a vast experience in cargo customs clearance procedures, including export, release of goods for domestic consumption, re-export and customs transit. 

We provide foreign trade consulting services for our clients, andrepresent them in pre-trial and trial appeals against acts or omissions of thecustoms authorities. We provide support for our clients in their day-to-dayforeign trade activities.

Customs Clearance Arrangement

We not only submit declarations for the goods, we integrate ourselves into a client’s business and, we essentially become an external foreign trade department, which analyses a foreign trade transaction before the customs clearance, arranges of customs clearance and supports the client after the goods have been released.

International Commercial Intermediary

The key goal of this service is that our company takes any and all risks arising out of or in connection with the foreign trade activities, which are not the core activities for the client’s company.

Legal Services

We provide consulting services to the companies in the customs law related issues, and represent the clients’ interests in any disputes with the customs authorities.


D.V. Vyshkvartsev
Director General

Joint Stock Company PLANT named after M. I. PLATOV hereby would like to expresses its gratitude and appreciation to you and your staff for the prompt and coordinated work regarding the refund of customs duties. We sincerely hope for further fruitful cooperation in the foreign economic activities.

S.M. Braginsky
Director General

Closed Joint Stock Company INFORMINVEST+SERVICE hereby would like to express its gratitude and appreciation to you for the competent, timely and effective advice at the stage of organization and building of our foreign economic activity regarding import and customs declaring of the processing equipment from the EU into the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The employees of your company have demonstrated their careful and highly qualified approach to the challenging task set by our company.

Since we have some experience of working with companies offering similar services, we can say for certain that Packgauz Grupp LLC is a very reliable player of this market within our region.

Thanks to the advice received, the imported goods have been shipped in full and in due time, without any delay whatsoever during the customs declaring procedure, and the shipment was supported by a full package of foreign trade documents.

Furthermore, I would like to express my personal gratitude to Director of this company for his expertise, patience and ability to properly find the ways out of the foreign-trade-related difficult situations in the shortest possible time.