Customs Clearance Arrangement

Successful customs clearance procedure requires a comprehensive strategy and high-quality work at each stage of the customs clearance process. Our services extend beyond submission of declarations only; we organize a remote foreign trade department for the client, which analyses a foreign trade transaction before the customs clearance, arranges of customs clearance and supports the client after the goods have been released.

We check the client’s documents before each transaction. Based on the furnished documents and description of the goods, we determine the goods’ code according to the Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Classification adopted by the Eurasian Economic Union since the classification is the first and important step in customs clearance procedure. It affects the amount of customs payments and permits required for customs clearance. Should a client so wish, we can execute any permits and deal with these complicated process all by ourselves.

When the risks have been assessed and necessary documents have been prepared, we submit the Customs Declaration, i.e. we submit the documents required for release of the goods to the customs authorities in accordance with the selected customs procedure. Sometimes the customs authorities are doubtful of authenticity of information stated in the Declaration and conduct an additional inspection of the goods after the same have been released. At this stage our Legal Department Experts will assist in settling the disputes, if any, with the customs authorities.