Joint Stock Company PLANT named after M.I. PLATOV
D.V. Vyshkvartsev
Director General

Joint Stock Company PLANT named after M. I. PLATOV hereby would like to expresses its gratitude and appreciation to you and your staff for the prompt and coordinated work regarding the refund of customs duties. We sincerely hope for further fruitful cooperation in the foreign economic activities.

S.M. Braginsky
Director General

Closed Joint Stock Company INFORMINVEST+SERVICE hereby would like to express its gratitude and appreciation to you for the competent, timely and effective advice at the stage of organization and building of our foreign economic activity regarding import and customs declaring of the processing equipment from the EU into the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The employees of your company have demonstrated their careful and highly qualified approach to the challenging task set by our company.

Since we have some experience of working with companies offering similar services, we can say for certain that Packgauz Grupp LLC is a very reliable player of this market within our region.

Thanks to the advice received, the imported goods have been shipped in full and in due time, without any delay whatsoever during the customs declaring procedure, and the shipment was supported by a full package of foreign trade documents.

Furthermore, I would like to express my personal gratitude to Director of this company for his expertise, patience and ability to properly find the ways out of the foreign-trade-related difficult situations in the shortest possible time.

Trade House “AgroMaster” LLC
O.P. Zakharova
Director General Trade House “AgroMaster” LLC

Trade House “AgroMaster” LLC would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Packgauz Grupp LLC for your cooperation when appealing against acts of the customs authorities.

We thank your employees for providing a high-quality and prompt service, and for their commitment and carefulness they have displayed while working.  

Flexible approach and commitment of your employees have helped to effectively maintain our company’s position before the customs authorities, to terminate the pledge of money and improve the company’s legal groundwork.

We would like to express our profound appreciation for your effective work, and we are looking forward to further cooperation.

We hope that you always cling to you Customer Relationship Policy, and remain a reliable and trustworthy partner as you are now.

Yu.S. Savenko
Head of Financial and Sales Department

The Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Experimental Factory of Scientific Engineering and Special Design Department” would like to extend our deepest and profound gratitude to lawyers of VEDEXPERT Consulting Center, who have given us a helpful advice on placing the equipment under a customs treatment procedure within the customs territory of the Customs Union. While providing us consulting services the lawyers have shown their professional approach to work, and their recommendations and advice in the area of customs laws have appeared to be extremely valuable for our enterprise.

Vladimir Chikin

VEDEXPERT Consulting Center is a business partner of the international law firm Goltsblat BLP LLP. During joint working VEDEXPERT’s experts have showed themselves to be reliable professionals being able to meet the challenges in the area of foreign trade and customs law.

VEDEXPERT Consulting Center offers a wide range of consulting services: from the issues pertaining to import of personal use products for individuals to the complex situations dealing with classification of goods, bans and import/export restrictions for some certain categories of goods.

Goltsblat BLP and VEDEXPERT Consulting Center have implanted a joint project related to protection of intellectual property holders’ rights. We were satisfied with the results of joint work, and we can recommend this company as a highly-skilled and reliable partner.

It should be noted that any and all consulting services are provided within a strictly specified deadline. VEDEXPERT’s employees offer multiple alternatives for each certain situation, which provides specific opportunities for choosing a particular course of actions.

SigmaDon LLC
Vislobokov S.N.
Director SigmaDon LLC

SigmaDon LLC has been closely cooperating with Pakgauz Group LLC in the foreign trade activities, customs clearance of the goods, consulting and domestic taxation issues.

During this period, we have repeatedly faced challenges related to currency legislation of the Russian Federation, customs declaration of some certain items, value added refunding, and lots of other issues.

Due to seamless interaction and Pakgauz Group professional approach to work, any and all problem situations arising in the process of day-to-day operation are quickly and accurately settled through the well-selected and effective techniques. It should be particularly emphasized that Pakgauz Group fulfills any and all its obligations in full and in a timely manner, and in strict compliance with the pre-agreed cost.

The reliability of Pakgauz Group operation results should not be left unmentioned as well.

Legal services provided by the company contributes to safe setting the long-term goals, while the closed issues require no additional control and labor resources diverting.
Pakgauz Group LLC uses a creative approach to select the optimal operation scheme taking into account a lot of parameters. That’s exactly why any transactions supported by the company cause no problems and make a worthy contribution to the business development.

Pakgauz Group LLC is SigmaDon’s strategic partner, long-term cooperation with which is treated as a top-priority management aspect.